Pradhanmantri (episode 14) on ABP news shows HALF truth to deceive common man about Operation Blue Star, 1984 and post 1984

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The episode 14 of the Show Pradhanmantri of ABP news is available at Operation Blue Star and the assassination of Indira Gandhi


I am myself against violence and strive for getting the justice and exposing truth. Following are some facts to let you know the real situation. (Note: I will also be stating Wikipedia links but only those with proper references)

1. According to the Constitution of India (Article 25), Sikhs don’t have a separate identity as a religion and are treated as Hindus. Sikhs have been striving hard to get a separate identity. (See AMENDING ARTICLE 25)

This was the major reason for Sikhs to feel low and asking for a separate nation. Mind it, after so many years the constitution is still not amended to give Sikhs and other minorities what is rightfully theirs.

2. Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale had neutral views on Khalistan. (Last para of introduction: Wiki page -Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale)

3. Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was never against Hindus, infact he was always of protective type to a person(specially women) of any background. So no chance he singled out any Hindus and killed them. Although ABP news didn’t say it explicitly but showed it in a way to portray that it was done by him. (Listen to this recording of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale completely to know what kind of a person he was? )

4. What was stated in the show about Anandpur Sahib resolution was not even 5% of truth. (See link: Purpose of Anandpur Sahib Resolution)

5. The show didn’t talk about the anti-Sikh Genocide organised by Rajiv Gandhi who used electoral roll to get Sikh’s residential addresses to single them out in Delhi and kill them. Many women were raped in front of their husbands and sons. (Do you really think any reference would exist for this)

6. The show didn’t mention about Operation Shudi Karan conducted by Indian army on Sikhs after Operation Blue Star in the decade of 1984-1994 to rape Sikh women and trying to convert them to Hindus. (Operation Shudi Karan Exposed)

7. They didn’t mention about the mass illegal killings of Sikhs during that decade whose official number is about 6000 but in reality is estimated more than 20,000. (Read about Jasmeet S Khalra who was killed to make this findings: The humanitarian – Jaswant S Khalra)

8. Many Sikhs in the Indian army were also burnt alive. (I don’t have references for this. I had it online but they seem to have been deleted by Congress/Indian Govt. *cowardly move*)

9. Many Sikhs in Indian army who had initially refused to attack on Golden Temple in Operation Blue Star were suspended (they had right to refuse) and are still not been given pensions till date. (Again, I don’t have references for this. I had it online but they seem to be have been deleted by Congress/Indian Govt. *cowardly move*)

10. Many Sikh women were ill-treated in Golden Temple while Operation Blue Star was on. (Reference deleted)

11. Indian Army men smoked cigarettes inside the holy shrine of Golden Temple. Another big insult. (Reference deleted)

12. During the decade of 1984-1994, the industrialization was not allowed in Punjab as a intentional move to make people jobless there. And when the youth became jobless, bad elements were used to make them addicted to drugs etc to spoil the generations of Sikhs.

Further there are 100s of documentaries on Operation Blue Star, 1984 Sikh Genocide and the decade of 1984-1994 on Youtube. Just go though them to know the real truth.I have missed out on so many points.. Will go on adding as and when I find them, its such a long history.. Do forgive me for any mistakes or errors.. Do point out any mistakes or errors, I will be happy to correct them but the facts stated above are true.


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